Sales & Distribution (SD)

Sales & Distribution (SD) includes a wide range of activities related to sales and distribution in a typical organization. The activities include sales support, inquiry and quotation, free of charge delivery, free of charge subs. Delivery, orders, returns, contracts, schedule agreements, delivery, shipments, invoicing, debit memos, credit memos and finally recording for accounting transactions purposes. To run a sales & distribution function smoothly a process is required to follow in general. It starts with the generation of a sales order, allocation of product, picking and packing, dispatch, and invoicing. Management of supply chain which includes inventory management is integrated into an ERP system with the Sales & Distribution module. 

ERP2ALL’s Sales & Distribution (SD) module is a user-friendly and effective management solution that will enable a company to improve and increase sales, make forecasts and increase revenues. Users can manage, track and monitor all Sales & Distribution activities from initial inquiries to return to final deliveries as well as provide the sales team with up-to-date information.

The company can keep a track of all sales data and deliveries on a single screen in addition to viewing outstanding sales order entry capabilities and makes Sales information and sales histories easily accessible which allows  salespersons to make quotes, take incoming orders and proactively anticipate customers’ needs by predicting when customers should reorder based on their buying trends thus enabling the customer service team with the tools they need to provide exceptional customer service to its customers.

Please refer to the flowchart of ERP2ALL's SD module for a clear understanding:

  1. SD Dashboard
  2. Sales Order
  3. Sales Invoice
  4. Sales Forecast
  5. Reports (SD)