Production Process Management (PPM)

Production process management (PPM) is a specialized version of business process management (BPM) that can act as the missing link that supports smart manufacturing. PPM describes the concept of applying process design and management tools to manufacturing plant and supply chain activities within and across the extended enterprise.

Production Process Management (PPM) describes a concept of applying business process management design and tools to the areas of manufacturing plant and supply chain activity management within and across the extended enterprise. The primary idea behind PPM is to center thinking on business functions and activities versus what software package or combination of software packages might be applied. Processes are designed to follow chronological steps of how you want to run the business by connecting and supporting predefined, sequenced events with the correct information in a role-based form for the intended user. A process may be fully electronic, fully or partially manual, or a combination of either. One key though is that the process is specific to, and alterable to fit, the given business requirement.

  1. Production Orders
  2. Raw Materials Requisition