What does the manual contain i.e. the content? ERP2ALL contains both a written guide and the associated images/ screenshots of the human-machine interface(s) including simplified diagrams /workflow charts. Primarily, it’s written in English but to cover a wider audience a translated version is under preparation and will be public soon. We tried to avoid jargons and kept to a very minimum level but with an explanation in the form of a glossary thoroughly.

What is an ERP system and ERP2ALL?  An ERP system is an IT-based business management system which integrates all functional areas of business such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance (accounting / Payroll, Fixed Assets) and human resources. It provides/generates useful reports with complete audit trial popularly known as a Management Information System (MIS). It also includes accounting information system. Our ERP2ALL is the same as the ERP defined above.