Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the process of recruitment and selection of employees, providing orientations and inductions, training sessions, assessments of employees (performance appraisal), providing compensations and benefits while motivating employees and maintaining proper relations with them and for maintaining their safety, welfare and health measures in compliance with labor laws of the land. Human Resource Management is the most valuable investment of any progressive business can make for future innovation, expansion, competitive advantage, etc. ERP2ALL’s user-friendly Human Resource Management module can help companies to drastically get the best and optimized results from its human capital irrespective of the company’s size, location or business.

ERP2ALL can help a business to hire, manage, scheduling, access and retain your vital qualified workforce effectively and share workforce information safely and securely adapting to your company processes and procedures while managing your company growth and internal changes in order to improve worker efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity while increasing employee satisfaction and thereby retention. ERP2ALL can effectively assist companies in efficiently select hand-picking potential candidates and job applicants for creating a highly skilled workforce in the long-run. ERP2ALL's HRM module has seven simple submodules which are as follows:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Employees
  3. Training
  4. Transfer and Posting
  5. Leave Process
  6. Appraisal
  7. Holiday Calendar
  8. Reports (HRM)
  9. Config(HRM)